Dayton Audio Tower Speakers Part 3

Part 3

Well, I finally found some pictures of the construction phase of my speakers so I figure I can now post what they turned out like

Below is the back view of one of the cabinets with a divider between the Woofer and Midrange section.  No cabinet was needed for the tweeter since it was sealed from the back side


Below is the front view before the front baffle was cut for the drivers.


Here is a view from the bottom where I left space to access the crossovers.  I left this open after finishing so that I can easily flip the speakers over and work on the crossover.


Here is a picture after the vinyl wrap was installed and the openings cut out.  I had wrapped the entire cabinet first with the vinyl and then used painter tape to protect the front while cutting it out.


Here is a picture  from the back side of the completed speaker.  Yes my garage is a mess, not much room to work on it.


And finally a finished view of the speaker.  By the way this was taken long ago before my basement had been remodeled.  Cement walls are horrible for acoustics 🙂


And a front view with the covers on.  The covers used a 1″ by 1/2″ thick oak Trim for rigidity while pulling the grill cloth tight.  I would have like to use a router to round over the edges but at the time I didn’t own one.