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Pioneer Elite has for years been one of my favorite and most desired stereo components.  However, as much as I loved this equipment, I was never able to afford it when it was first produced.

In 1987, I started working at a stereo retailer in West Central, IL.  This was one of my first part time jobs in High School.  I must say this was a hell of an experience.  I learned a lot and had a great time working there.  During this time frame Pioneer began marketing there new Elite components.  I immediately loved the look, feel and build quality of the components.  The first pieces I saw were the previous 86′ model year A-88x and A-77x integrated Amps.  By 1987 Pioneer was showing off the release of there legendary M-90 and C-90 components, and oooh how I wanted them.  I still remember we played a Telarc CD of Star Trek and literally blew the woofers out of a pair of brand new speakers we hooked up to this mammoth amp. It ripped the rubber surround right off the woofer cone.  Ironically, these speakers were produced by NEC, and we could never get replacement for the drivers.  Nothing like a bunch of sales people trashing a pair of $700 speakers within 10 minutes of opening the box.

Anyway, the problem I had in purchasing this Elite equipment is, it’s kinda hard to save enough money at 3.35$ an hour to pay for it all.  So in the end, I decided to purchase the top end standard Pioneer Integrated Amp and components.  I still own these but currently have them in storage until my son or daughter are old enough to appreciate having them.  Lets just say if they don’t, then they’ll make a good down payment on a nice set of speakers. 🙂

A-717    F-717    CT-S800    PD-7100   DSS-7’s

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