Current Elite System

Back in 2011 I remodelled my basement and finally created a modest man cave for myself.  Below is some pictures of the system as it is current now

Consists of:
F-91    CT-91a    C-91    M-91    SP-99    PD-65    DV-09    M-71  and some home built speakers I made back in 2011 from Parts-Express Dayton Audio Speakers.   I’ll make another post sometime about that little project

Main System 4 Main System 3 Main System 2 Main System 1


2 thoughts on “Current Elite System”

  1. Hello Mike:
    I was following your work you were doing on your RT-707 on and was wondering how it went with your test tape and setup. I am doing the same thing, buy the test tape and setup the machine. I have some used heads that I am going to lap and install and a whole bunch of other work to do bring the RT back to tip top shape. How is your project going.

    1. The test tape worked very well. I’ve used it on my 707 and 701 decks but not my teac a-3400sx as I don’t have room to put it in the rack. Luckily I haven’t had to try relapping any of the decks as the head wear is very minimal. I can only assume the previous owners used these decks lightly. On the other hand my dad’s old Sony tc-640 had lots of head wear but in my early days (teenage years) I swapped the heads out with a tc-630. The part numbers I think matched but I could never really allign the bias and record levels the same. Had I known then about relapping I would have done that instead.

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