Service Repair

I’ve actually had quite a few people contact me regarding issues with their M-91 amplifier.  I’m flattered by inquires and do try responding when I have the time.  But by all means what worked for me may not work for you.  Your situation could be unique and going at your amp with a soldering iron in hand with out knowing the potential dangers of working on electronics could be dangerous to you and your gear.  So please use good judgment before attempting work on your own.  You may cause more damage that will only make the service tech smile when he bills you for twice the labor in fixing your oops. 🙂

While on this subject, I’ve had some people inquire about my services in repairing.  I’ve considered pursuing this as a side job, but I’m just a little hesitant to take on some monstrous amplifier or BS’ing about my abilities.   If you would like to contact me feel free to use the form below.