Stereo Cabinet Part 2

A couple of days ago I got my cabinet finished.  I think it took about 5 days total to get it finished.  The results turned out pretty good for a first time cabinet build.  It sure makes the entire setup so much nicer to look at.  The height of the cabinet might be a little high for most TV viewing, its perfect for changing LP’s on the turntable.  TV viewing isn’t my primary activity in the man cave so having it a little higher is trade off I’m more then willing to accept.  Plus the wife acceptance factor hit an all time high as she really thinks it looks great.

With all that weight of gear, I’m sure glad I put caster wheels on the bottom that are heavy duty.  I suspect at least 400 lbs is being supported.





2 thoughts on “Stereo Cabinet Part 2”

  1. Hi. Found your site while researching sale prices on the M, C, and F-91. Since I have them just sitting in my garage I was thinking of selling them. Now I’m thinking of putting them back into use. I’m the original owner, bought them new back in the 80’s. Question for you: how would I go about incorporating them in today’s home theatre since they don’t have a surround sound mode? By the way impressive work on the cabinet. Love it. Thanks in advance.

    1. Thanks for your comments about the cabinet, much appreciated. As for putting those pieces back to use in todays current home theater setup, it might be a little challenging with the advent of HDMI connected devices. Quite frankly what I do is use the TV for most of the switching of video signals since it natively has the HDMI inputs. I then take the analog output from the TV’s headphone jack and run it into the TV input on the C-90/91. Granted this does limit my ability to listen to some of my programs in surround sound, but I still get full stereo effect. If having Dolby Digital and DTS surround is the utmost importance, which it is for many, then using this equipment will be a bit more challenging. For movie listening you’d have to try sourcing an external decoder like this one , but then you’d have to source some additional amplifiers for the rear channels. I currently use an older Pioneer Elite SP-99D, but it only decode Dolby Digital. Connected to the front, is the M-91, rear is a M-71 amp which in my case I’m only running 2 of the 4 channels, and a powered subwoofer. With this setup it works great with DVD’s but BluRays’s tend to be mostly DTS encoded so I can’t watch those in surround. I think the bottom line you’ll have to determine is if you are more into 2 channel music, which is my preference, or Video, which is more of secondary interest to me.

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